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Thermally Stable Absorbing Dyes

UV, Visible and NIR Dyes for Plastics
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QCR Solutions’ Near Infrared (NIR) Dyes are available in a wide spectral range.  We have a large library of standard NIR absorbing dyes ranging from narrow notch to broad band absorbers that can attenuate selective near infrared wavelength regions.  These NIR dyes can be used singly or in combinations to create custom spectral filters for multiple applications.

Our Near Infrared (NIR) Dyes can be incorporated into coatings, inks, solutions and plastics. These NIR absorbing dyes can be used for Laser Protection Eyewear, Light Filters (narrow or broad band), Welding Protective Eyewear, Security Inks, Graphics and many more applications.

Below is a representative list of our Near Infrared absorbing Dyes (500-1000nm). Also available is our helpful guide on how to calculate your absorbing dye’s starting concentration: Concentration Calculation Worksheet | 2018 | QCR Solutions Corp

Absorbing Dyes for Plastic Matrix

NIR Dyes for Thermal Resins



Absorption Max (nm)


(L g-1 cm-1)

Technical Data Sheet

(TDS) in PDF format

UV290A29060290 nm UV Dye TDS
VIS404A404177404 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS404A7407156407 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS424A424199424 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS461A461279461 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS471A471218471 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS487B487177487 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS494B494257494 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS505A505204505 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS506A506129506 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS518A518316518 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS519B519195519 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS519A523192523 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS523B523169523 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS525A525170525 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS530A53020530 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS532A532175532 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS538A538247538 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS544A544326544 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS545A545250545 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS548F548207548 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS550D550134550 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS578C578127578 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS588C588175588 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS590A590240590 nm Visible Dye TDS
VIS629A629488629 nm Visible Dye TDS
NIR706A706224706 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR740C740420740 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR744A744425744 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR757A757410757 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR772A772440772 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR774C774390774 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR783C783508783 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR787A787384787 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR790B790425790 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR790E790406790 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR791C79153791 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR811C811414811 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR815B815308815 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR818C818368818 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR819C819401819 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR907B907210907 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR916A91621916 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR949C92519925 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR935B93553935 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR983A98366983 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR1004B10042371004 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR1031M10312101031 nm NIR Dye TDS
NIR1072C1072721072 nm NIR Dye TDS
If you can not find the right absorbing dye from the above list. Just let us know your application’s specification and we will custom synthesize the perfect absorbing dye (UV, Visible, or NIR) for your project:

  • Wavelength required to be absorbed, filtered, or blocked
  • Wavelength required for high transparency
  • Matrix Compatibility (Solvent, Plastic, or other)
  • Process Conditions
  • Lightfastness
  • Thermal Stability

Let us design an absorbing dye for your next NIR light filter, Security Coating or other application. We look forward to working with you.