QCR Solutions’ Welding Dyes are available in two standards for the creation of Welding Lenses (ANSI Z87.1 Compliant).

Below are our Welding Dyes. Technical Data Sheets (TDS) are immediately available if Catalog Number is highlighted.

Compatibility of our Welding Dyes include Solvent varnishes & inks and plastic matrix.

Helpful Guide on how to calculate your absorbing dye’s starting concentration: NIR Dye | Concentration Calculation | QCR Solutions Corp .pdf.

Applications include Welding Protective Eyewear, Laser Safety Eyewear, Security, Heat Shields, Light Filters and more.

Welding Dyes

for the creation of Welding Lenses Compliant with ANSI Z87.1







Technical Data Sheet

(TDS) in PDF format


6 - 14



1 - 5



If you can not find the right absorbing dye. Just let us know your applications’ specifications and we will custom synthesize the perfect absorbing dye (UV, Vis, or NIR) for your project:

  1. Wavelengths required to be absorbed

  2. Wavelengths required for high transparency

  3. Matrix Compatibility (solvent, plastic, or other)

  4.  Process Conditions

  5. Lightfastness

  6. Thermal Stability

Let us design an absorbing dye(s) for your next NIR light filter, infrared coating or other application. Technical bulletins are available by contacting a technical representative.

Welding Dyes

NIR Absorbing Materials

Competitive Advantages

  1. 1.Higher Visible Light Transmission (VLT) from competitors versions due to our proprietary synthesis method that excludes Ag+ salts.

  2. 2.Higher absorption peak at 1200nm.

  3. 3.Cost Effective

You will definitely see these advantages once it is applied into the plastic resin!

QCR Solutions Corp

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