Welcome to QCR Solutions Corp, we specialize in supplying high quality chemicals to the Laser Safety Eyewear, Laser Welding, Welding Protective Eyewear, Organic Solar Cell, Security, Ink Manufacturers, Electronics and Display Industries.

We strive to provide high quality products at competitive pricing to meet the global consumer market demand. NIR Dyes, UV Dyes, Temperature Reactive Color Changing Materials (Thermochromic) are just the beginning our capabilities.

Capabilities and Formats

- Finished Ready to Use Ink Systems

- Formulated Dye Mixtures

- Masterbatch Pellets

  1. -Dry Powders

  2. -Aqueous Slurries

  3. -Custom Synthesis

Industries and Product Solutions

- Laser Safety Eyewear            - Welding Protective Eyewear

- Laser Welding                        - Welding Protective Eyewear

  1. -Organic Solar Cell                  - IR Blocking Inks / Dye Formulations

  2. -Textile Inks                             - Security Inks

It is our pleasure to be your partner from lab trials through commercialization.  Our team members have over 50 years combined experience and will provide a personal touch to every project and ensure quick turnaround, technical expertise and reliability at every level. See below for the products available through your partner QCR Solutions Corp!

  Absorbing Dyes       Thermochromic       Photochromic       Fluorescent       OLED       Organic Solar Cell

Absorbing Dyes

for the Ultraviolet, Visible and Near Infrared region.


Reversible temperature reactive materials.

PhotoFlare Photochromic

Reversible sunlight (UV) reactive materials.


materials with Ultraviolet, Visible & NIR emission.

OLED & Organic Solar Cell materials for the creation of Displays and Solar Energy.

To learn more please visit our products and services page or contact us. We are your trusted source for Near Infrared (NIR) Dyes, Conjugated Polymers, Thermochromic Inks and Custom Synthesis!


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QCR Solutions Corp

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